Integrated Fire Damper Control

The innovative solution from ESSER by Honeywell

We are the first company to integrate the control of smoke protection components in our proven fire alarm system and now offer a combined system. This enables the costs and efforts to be reduced for planners, installers, operators and investors.

The ESSER fire control transponder (FCT) comprise fire dampers, smoke dampers, smoke extraction systems and pressure ventilation systems to a large extent, and they need to be closed, opened or switched on when a fire is detected.

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To find more technical information, you can visit following product pages:

808600.230 esserbus transponder FCT set 230 V
808600.24 esserbus transponder FCT set, 12 - 24 V
804867 IQ8FCT with isolator, 1 contact IN/1 OUT
804981 IQ8FCT electronic module with isolator for FCT
804980 IQ8TAL electronic module with isolator for FCT